1: Email Marketing

Send marketing emails to your customers with our fully integrated eMarketing service – no need to pay that monthly subscription to Constant Contact or MailChimp anymore – and best of all, your customer email addresses are already stored in PlaceFull!

2: SmartFull™ Health Checks

See the latest status of your online health with the SmartFull™ Health Check alert. SmartFull™ tells you what you need to do to improve your online health so you can make more money!

3: Custom Alerts

SmartFull™ provides you with detailed alerts that you can customize based on your business need. Do you want SmartFull™ to let you know when there are only 3 spots left in your class? No problem – SmartFull™ can do that.

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SmartFull™ is included in our Team Leader subscription – click here to view all the PlaceFull pricing options.