Art Signals Studio


August 8th Kids' Night - Clay Pirate Princess

Come and learn how to make either a princess or pirate face using the slab and hand building techniques. Class includes all supplies, materials, and pizza dinner! ** For ages 6 and up **

August 9th Paint Me a Story - Come sail with Me

Come join us in creating this adorable footprint sailboat plate! Our instructor can help you with footprints and personalized artwork for your plaque or plate! ** For ages 5 and under with parent or guardian **

August 12th Adult Glass Workshop - Rainbow Plate

We are kicking off our glass classes with this BEAUTIFUL easy-to-make rainbow dish. We will be using beginner techniques to make a masterpiece! Bring friends, food, and some wine for this evening of fun! Class includes all materials and instruction.

August 14th Adult Pottery Workshop - Technique Tiles III

NEW!!!Learn 6 pottery techniques and paint a tile for each technique including: Silkscreening, Sponging, Rubber Stamps, Electric Yarn, Lace, and Wire Stamps. Perfect for beginners!!

August 20th Adult Pottery Workshop - Sunset Sailboat

This month we are offering a spin-off of one of our MOST POPULAR projects! This platter is EASY to make and comes out beautiful. Remember to bring food, friends and drinks! The class includes all supplies, materials, and instruction.

August 22nd Kids' Night - Design Your Own Tic-Tac-Toe

Take your Tic-Tac-Toe game to another level by joining us in creating a unique Tic-Tac-Toe board with your choice of animal game pieces. Class includes all materials, instruction, and pizza dinner!

August 26th Adult Pottery Workshop - Menu / Grocery Plaque

Customize your dinner plans with this helpful organizer! Super fun and simple to make. Bring food, friends, and your favorite bottle of wine. Includes all materials, and instruction.


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