Stods Baseball


Stod's - Softball Batting Cage

Looking to improve your batting average? Well, you know what they say... Practice makes perfect! RENTAL INCLUDES: 1 hour in the cage, which can be a private or hitters can be rotated.

Stods Baseball - Pitchin' Party!

Grab your friends and come to Stod's for some quality time on our pitching mounds. Practice your curveball, fastball, knuckleball and changeup. By the time you walk out you'll be pitching like a pro! RENTAL INCLUDES: 2 hours Private Use of our turf and dirt pitching mounds.

Stod's - Automatic Baseball Batting Cage

What sounds more fun than standing, with a stick in your hands, while projectiles come hurtling towards your head at 80 miles per hour? If you love baseball the answer is NOTHING. And if you're looking to improve your batting average you know what they say... PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 hour in the cage...


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