Half Price Studio Fee Wednesdays


<b>Every Wednesday we celebrate our customers with Half Price studio fees!</b><br><br>Purchasing a studio fee (<i>required if you are painting in our studio</i>) gets you all the paint you will need, supplies, glazing and firing of your piece, as well as excellent guidance from our friendly staff. <br><br><br><u>Studio Fee Pricing</u><br><br>Adults - $8.00 <br><b>1/2 Price Wednesdays - $4.00</b><br><br>Children - $6.00<br><b>1/2 Price Wednesdays - $3.00</b><br><br><br>We realize many studios do not charge a studio fee, however that cost is usually rolled into the price of what you paint, and in most cases adds up to be more expensive! <br><br>With that in mind, we decided to charge one flat rate fee per person that is good for the entire day, and allows you to paint as many items as you would like in a day. We are also proud to say that we have never raised our studio fee price in our 17 years as a business.<br><br><i>Please note that only studio fees are half priced on Wednesdays, and that ceramics are still full priced.</i><br><br><br>
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