Poke-A-Nose Pottery


Wine and Design Night

A Fun Filled night of Painting Pottery, Canvas or Mosaic a Masterpiece! All while you BYOB and snacks with your friends. An Awesome night without the kids... and you'll have plenty of time to concentrate on your OWN project. lol $6 for the night (that's your studio fee) Plus the pottery, canvas or...

Pottery Painting Party at Poke-A-Nose Pottery

Pottery Painting Party Packages at "Poke-A-Nose" Pottery are for ALL ages (1 - 101):Includes... 1 1/2 hours of Party time in our Private Party Room, a ceramic piece for each child to paint, a Personal Server for the party, Choice of 6 paint colors for each child, Paintbrushes and the Glazing and Fir...


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