Pic N Paint Pottery


The Wizarding World Summer Camp

Campers will lean various techniques. We’ll create pottery and other various art mediums. Dress for a bit of a mess as we explore & create items inspired by The Wizarding World. Have campers bring a snack and drink, we'll have a small break.

Creative Celebrations (Kids Party Package)

We Provide: Ages: 1 - 15 years old 8 or more pieces to choose form. This package is 20.00 per person per item and will have pottery pieces valued from 18.00 to 24.00 Items include but not limited to: animals, mugs, plates, banks, plaques, princess, mythical creatures, holiday theme pieces, g...

Adult Party - (Deposit)

Provided in the party package with 8 or more painters: 1. 10% off Pottery2. 2 hours in the private party room3. paint, brushes, glazing and firing4. designated staff member to monitor your group and give instructions. You are welcome to bring refreshments.


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