Gold Party Package

GOLD: $21.00 per painter (includes paint fee) - Painter’s choice off our “front” party shelves. Items include boxes, large banks, larger trinket items (selection may vary).

Silver Party Package

SILVER: $16.00 per painter (includes tax & paint fee) - Painter’s choice off our “back” party shelves. Items include 10 oz. mugs, trinket items, mini-banks and many items to choose from (selection may vary).

Bronze Party Package

BRONZE: $13.00 per painter (includes tax & paint fee) - Painter’s will paint a six inch tile. They will be able to use stamps, stencils and their imagination to create a masterpiece.

You Create Party Package

YOU CREATE: 15% off pottery, plus tax (6%), plus an $8.00 studio fee - You get to choose what you want to paint and receive 15% off the marked price of the pottery. There will be an $8.00 studio fee per painter and tax is applicable. WE DO NOT REQUIRE A DEPOSIT ON THIS PARTY. HOWEVER YOU WILL B...

Monogram Party Package

MONOGRAM: $17 per painter (includes tax & paint fee) -done on a salad plate. Using Cricut machine we will cut out a sticker letter and place it on your piece of pottery. Design and paint, then peel away the sticker and you’ll have a beautiful monogram functional piece of pottery.


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Business Overview

The Paint Spot opened its doors in Louisville, KY in 1997. The store is owned and operated by Marsha Ensor-Johnson. As one of the first paint-your-own pottery studios in Louisville, Paint Spot strives to provide excellent customer service. We believe that your experience at Read more
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