Montebello Batting Cages


Facility Rental: Montebello Batting Cages

Teams can come rent the full or partial facility to work on hitting fundamentals anytime throughout the year.

Baseball/Softball Batting Cages: Montebello Batting Cages

Players can come work on their hitting using machines made for baseballs or softballs that can be adjusted to various speeds.

Training: Montebello Batting Cages

We offer several training options for both 1:1 coaching and group training. Our coaches are some of the best in the business.


Business Overview

"We're pitching, if you're swinging" at our FULL size outdoor batting cage with automatic ball loader. NOT a small and short hitting tunnel where you have to load your own balls. A Full size batting cage. You can see how far you hit the ball. When you pay for an hour of hit Read more
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