In Store Experience-Table Reservations

Reservations Required If we do not have a reservations a staff member may not be on-site. Monday - Friday 12PM-6PM Saturday -Sunday 10AM-6PM In-Store Experience All of your paints, brushes, supplies, glazing, and firing are included in the price of your piece. All paints are no...

Kid's Night Out!

Kids! Leave your parents at the door! We will paint for the first hour and then watch a PG Movie. Children 12 and under recommended. Each event includes art project, paint supplies, and a movie. How it Works? There are only 6 tables available to reserve. You can reserve a table fo...

Appointments for Services

( Deliveries and Shipping Available at Check Out) New Order-Curbside Our curbside new order bin is labeled and is located in the front of the store. Upon arrival please double check your order before leaving. Un-Fired Pottery Drop-Off! Finished painting? Place your items back in the bag it...

Parties & Events

A Colorful Universe is here for all your party needs! #1 SELECT YOUR DATE & TIME A Colorful Universe is here to help with your special day! We are very flexible about how and when we run our parties. If your time slot is outside of our store hours, exceptions can be made by a manager. #2 SELECT ...

Intro to Clay Wheel Class

Join us for a basic introduction to working on a clay wheel. We will walk you through step by step instructions to throw clay! In your session, you will learn proper stance, hand positioning, wheel speed and more! Class includes instructor, clay supplies, and firing for one of your creations. If...

Clay Wheel By the Hour

Reserve your spot at the clay wheel! Bags of clay are available for purchase in studio for $18. Additional hours will be paid for in store. Space is limited to three people per hour. Please note, if you require help or assistance with the wheel we recommend a introduction class on Wednesday or a...

San Elijo Clay Impression Appointment

Our friendly staff is waiting to assist you in producing a clay impression of your tiny hands and feet or paw! We fire twice a month on the 5th or the 20th allowing the clay to air dry properly.


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Business Overview

Any time you come in to paint with us, take your receipt to Relm Wine.Beer.Bistro and receive 10% off your purchase! �On Saturday nights, drop your kids off at A Colorful Universe for Kid's�Night for only�$20!�Then take your receipt over to�Relm Wine.Beer.Bistro and�receive Read more
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